"We Automate your Infrastructure delivery and management by treating your Infrastructure as Code"

DevOps Automation

CloudXchange.io’s DevOps Automation service bridges the gap between your software development team and your OT operations and completely redefines the services you should expect from your cloud service providers.

By automating most of the operations processes, we can make your development teams more effective. Building your IT infrastructure as code to implementing automated deployment platform that simplifies and accelerates software testing & deployments. It can also auto-scale IT infrastructure based on dynamic business demand, which can be a real competitive advantage and saves significant time & money.

DevOps Automation Service

With DevOps Automation, we automate your entire application environment delivery by treating your infrastructure as code be it delivered on private cloud or public cloud. We use various application automation & orchestration tools like Chef for your DevOps automation.

Cloudxchange.io’s expertise will enable your organization to leverage the best in class industry practices and modern tools bringing quick success. We have expertise in delivering various automation solutions to our customers using tools like Chef, Windows DSC, Jenkins, Razor, AWS and Azure.

Our Offering Includes

Automated Infrastructure Provisioning
Automated Application Delivery
Continuous Integration and Delivery Process

Once your application is deployed, we manage and support all of your environments 24x7x365. Our DevOps Engineers use application performance monitoring tools such as New Relic & Logstash, to spot and respond to performance anomalies before they cause service disruption.